5 Landing Page Copy Hacks that Experts Know by Heart

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Landing pages serve as your gateway to sales. This is where your audiences are directed when they express interest in your product, such as by clicking an ad, visiting your product website, and even when making an inquiry on your brand.

So, how do you utilize your landing page? You can do so by using website copywriting hacks that make your content not only more interesting but definitely engaging to your readers. With a powered-up landing page, you not only get leads, but actual paying and loyal customers within a matter of time.

In case you are keen on improving your website copywriting skills, here are five hacks that marketing experts know by heart:

  1. Use the power of numbers.

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Nothing beats the power of numbers. Data and statistics boost your landing page’s credibility, as they are based on actual studies. People may not know your brand or product, but they are always enamoured by figures and numbers.

Use scientifically-backed research to prove your product’s claims, or statistics that show how your market needs your service. You can also use the numbers game when comparing brands based on various parameters such as efficiency or customer satisfaction.

  1. Create an air of urgency.

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Another copywriting hack to master is creating a sense of urgency. You cannot always make your offer readily available, because your market will take it for granted. Rather, make them believe that your product package, and the perks that come with them, are up for grabs for only a limited time.

The sense of urgency makes your readers believe that they should act right away or lose a chance at a better life, and since they dread regret, the more inclined they are to take your offer.

  1. Answer the question “what’s in it for me?”

Let’s face it: customers don’t care about your product’s features and benefits. They only want to know one thing: what’s in it for them. Of course, they want to know what they’re money is worth, and if your product proves true to its price. They don’t want to lose their cash, and they won’t let their funds go easily.

You need to be clear about your market’s takeaways, and present it to them. By targeting their true desire and need, the easier it is for you to convince them that your product’s worth every penny.

  1. Always keep your grammar in check.

Bad grammar makes any business less credible. It shows not only sloppy communication, but sloppy output. The same principle can be applied to website copywriting, since you are communicating directly to your target market.

Make it a point to proofread your sales copy so that your audience won’t find even the slightest grammar flaws. With a clean copy, they become more comfortable doing business with you.

  1. Play with their emotions.

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Lastly, it is a must that you play with your audience’s emotions. Sell them the pain. Make them yearn for happiness and satisfaction. Put them through a rollercoaster ride towards reaching their aspirations. They become more vulnerable and impulsive when their emotions are toyed at, and easier for you to sell them your product.


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