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With a rapidly growing increase of searchers accessing & using the web to search for products or services prior to going offline to purchase is a great opportunity for local businesses. Question is, can local searchers find your business on line or are they finding your competition instead?

Now would be a ideal time to market your business information online. You can make great use of of the Google and Yahoo local directories and fill out all of your information, including pictures, videos and coupons. By doing this also allows customers to supply testimonials and rating for your business.

Ask your customers if they could provide your business with a testimonial. Be creative, perhaps offer a discount to customers who have left a testimonial, towards their next purchase.

  • Search on-line and find networking, forums and sites wherever you can and become active in by submitting respectable commenting. Always avoid spamming, post helpful tips and information, that is relevant and on topic.
  • Make use of article & video marketing. By providing choice key-worded articles and videos opens opportunity for on line searchers to find your business and to learn what your business is about and offers.

These tips you can implement into your local search marketing strategy to help your business get found local. Remember to be consistent and provide value, to your on line viewers. If they are interested will seek out your business.

Whether your a local service professional or a brick and mortar store or a landscaper – it doesn’t matter, however a great implemented marketing plan to get found locally is an important key.


Hasting is a Seminar & Conferences tips author of several publications of Business and Marketing books and experiences in life. He is a regular contributor to online article sites on the topics of Finance allover the world.

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