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Culinary seminars and expos are held once or twice a year to promote culinary schools and small food business. During these times a keynote speaker is hired to speak during the opening, some of the trainings, some of the seminars and during the closing of the expo or the conference. The speaker must be a person that knows their way around the culinary industry so that they might know exactly what to discuss and go through with their audience or their guests. The main topics for this kind of event would be details on how to be part of the culinary world and how and where to enroll should you wish to learn about being a chef. Below are a few topics that a keynote speaker for these culinary events should discuss.

a) Schools – One of the first things to remember when dreaming of becoming a chef is to enroll in a culinary school which can teach a person everything regarding how to cook and plate a dish. This is one of the most important topics a keynote speaker should discuss with their audience. That these schools are complete with all the necessary equipment and facilities a student need in order to become a great chef. They will in turn discuss where to find these schools, how much the school fees are and what culinary crafts a student is willing to learn.

b) Different Dishes – When enrolling in a culinary school, keynote speakers will emphasize on which culinary craft should be initially learned. This is to make sure that enrollees know the basics of culinary arts and how they can slowly progress to a more advance level after mastering the basics. There are no short cuts in being a chef not unless you’ve graduated from a highly recognized and expensive culinary schools then you are more advanced with your skills than others.

c) Food Preparation – There are meticulous steps to properly cooking and preparing dishes before serving. The keynote speaker will discuss about how to properly prepare them and how to properly cook the dishes in order to achieve perfection from the diners. How to cut meat, poultry, vegetables and herbs are also a major part of the arts. There are even schools that teach a student how to cut meat into different portions. This is done in order for the student to learn about the different cuts of meat used to cook different dishes.


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